About me

I believe in flying pigs and red snow. Within our imaginations, the most improbable things can happen, the amazing  occurs everyday and the absurd makes perfect sense!

Hi, I’m Vonclair a storyteller and soon-to-be writer. Follow me through a journey of blood, sweat, tears and cheers as I attempt to fulfill my ultimate goals and reach out to as many as possible, because I truly believe my stories are worth your time.

My stories are created to be as entertaining as possible with characters who have been well thought out and are filled with emotions and colour, antagonists woven deeply into the plot, protagonists that do more than just push the plot forwards and fully realized stages for the plot to play out on.

However as I am new to the writing world, I’d love it if you were to share some of your favorite books with me, I have not read too many books so it would surely be a treat.

But although I am new to writing I am far from inexperienced when it comes to crafting stories, I have been creating stories from before I could remember and have learned much over the years. I hope that you will give me a chance and check out my books and I hope that my stories, my worlds and my characters will reach out and appeal to as many as possible.

Cheers to me, cheers to you, cheers to good stories and welcome… Welcome to a corner of my imagination, enjoy your stay.



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