So the new Star Wars is out…

And has been, since halfway through december. I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I’ve first watched it as a kid and it is one of many series that I use as an example on how to build a proper world.

We are plunged into a world where there is a war going on between two sides, in order to overthrow our world’s evil galactic overlords a rebel alliance was formed but are losing the fight. That is the story in a nutshell, then there is the “Force”, a mystical magical ability that the righteous guardians of the galaxy, the Jedi used. Then there is it’s evil counterpart the “Dark Side” and is used by the Sith, who are basically the opposite of the Jedi.

What’s unique about all this is that both the Dark Side and the Force are forgotten, nobody practises this ancient magic anymore, except the Emperor who rules as the world’s evil overlord, his right hand man Darth Vader and a little imp man known as Yoda who had mastered the power of the force but is now hiding somewhere in the galaxy.

THAT is quite unique and I love it, the fact that it is a forgotten art and is claimed to be obsolete or fake. Enter our main character, Luke Skywalker who finds out that his uncle is one of the only practitioners of the Force alongside Yoda.

Then there are all sorts of amazing creatures, aliens and yada yada yada, but that’s not its strongest suit, its strongest aspect was that its lore and history was set in stone and that we knew that, amazing things had happened and shaped the world. I sometimes feel like we need to be reminded of that, things happened in the past and the people have suffered, died and prevailed through it.

To think beyond our plot, delve into the history of our world, to create things outside our story, to create lives of the people who hardly interact with our characters, that is amazing and I don’t think it’s done nearly as often as it should.

But alas, I am broke and can’t afford the tickets to the new one… oh well…


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