Hello World

I guess this is my first post… So I better make it a good one.

Suppose I should talk about myself, or maybe about my book, or my thoughts… What does one even talk about in a blog?

I’ll start with talking about myself.

I am Lucius Vonclair and I believe in flying pigs and red snow, that is to say, I believe in the impossible. I imagine the absurd and spin a tale around it. I am a storyteller and have always been one, recently I have decided to join the world of writers and the such in hopes of having my stories heard, so this is day one in my journey towards the masses.

I mentioned I am a soon-to-be writer, so yes, I am writing a book! I am not sure about the name but I am thinking of naming it “The Tutorial”, it’ll be a YA fantasy… High fantasy. This book will be about a girl who is blind and is given a magical mask that gives her sight, ever since that encounter she has been given a chance to explore both her own world and a new magical one, but can she tell which one is which?

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

Think, think, think… Am I being too formal? Oh well, I’ll probably loosen up as time goes by.


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